These are some of the projects I've worked on. They differ in scope, and many are just things I've done for personal use. Hopefully some of them will be useful or entertaining to you as well!

Atlantean Empire

Fictional map of the Atlantean Empire with Atlantis located on the Richat Structure in Africa in a time when sea levels were much higher than today.

Bachelor's Thesis, Machine Learning in SC2

My bachelor’s thesis on using machine learning in StarCraft II.

Concurrent Programming Primer

An introduction of the most important concepts in concurrent programming. Intended to give a good basis for understanding further theory.

Key concepts are illustrated using trains in the brilliant game Factorio.

Data Structures Overview

An overview of data structures covering the same topics as an entry level course. Useful companion for any such course.

Only available in Swedish.

Dimensional Analysis Library: Unit

Java library for performing dimensional analysis and working with variables modeling physical quantities. It is possible to define entirely custom units. Typing is enforced with java exceptions. Library correctness enforced by junit tests.

Face Detection

Face detection implemented in Java using Viola-Jones Object Detection Framework, created as part of a Chalmer’s introductory course to artificial intelligence.

Gaussian Elimination

Matrix triangulation implementation in the MIPS assembly language. Written as part of a Chalmer’s course and ranked as the second most efficient solution.

Checkout the code repository or read the accompanying report.


Resource pack for Minecraft that makes the moon square and adds more detail to armour.

MCTS in Two Player Snake

Game playing system using Monte Carlo Tree Search to play a two-player snake game.

March Across the Belts

Map of Denmark in 1658, depicting the Swedish army’s march across the frozen sea to Kopenhagen, resulting in the Treaty of Roskilde.

Wonderdraft Assets

Asset pack for the map making tool Wonderdraft. This contains all custom assets I have created for use with Wonderdraft.