Minecraft Resource Pack: Lunaris

Lunaris is a small resource pack I made for Minecraft. It makes the moon square (why would the Minecraft moon be round??) and changes the look of armour to something more interesting.

The armours are designed to go particularly well with this blue knight skin. I have not created that skin, and unfortunately I do not remember who the author is or were the original upload can be found. Reverse image search yields nothing, so I host it here for future reference.

Lunaris on your Minecraft server

If you want to you can set this resource pack to be the default on your server! In your server.proprties file, just set the following:


The first is just a link to this resource pack. The second is the resource pack SHA1. It will be updated on this page when the resource pack is updated. You don’t need to add it to your properties file, but doing so allows clients to detect if the pack has been updated and download the new version.